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Drawing is Darbey’s first and most fluent language. It is the method by which she tells stories. It is the technique she explores in her dreams. And it is the way she translates her stories into unique, bespoke 3D art works.
Darbey's ultimate objective is to allow her drawings to leave the page. Although her lines begin their journey on a two-dimensional plane, Darbey's transformative process results in three-dimensional sculptures.

Darbey "draws" freehand, constantly moving her sewing machine needle over her base medium of pliable water-soluble glue. When satisfied with her drawing, Darbey sculpts her
work over a Styrofoam base and dissolves the glue. The only trace evidence of her intricate process is the solid 3D structure of her lines which have become a unique and complex “hollow drawing”. But while her technique is remarkable, the element that elevates Darbey’s outcome is story. Darbey’s narratives are as viable and pleasurable as her sculptures.
from the article "The Heart of the Matter" by Denna Jones, published in Embroidery magazine, vol 62, March/April 2011