We are saved by loss
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“We are descendants of the stars. Cosmic dust is an eternal element of the body’s cyclical decay and renewal. We are constant process, not complete products. We are Tertullian’s Apologeticus where ‘dead stars come to life’ and ‘everything is refashioned out of death’.”
The eternal concepts of life, loss, and hope are explored by artist Naseem Darbey in her exhibition "We Are Saved By Loss". A five year project that began with her R&D project "Dis-ease", Darbey explores medical morphology and pathology through art, science, and philosophy, and expresses them through her sculpted, textile-based hollow drawings. Through the impact of shifting scale and concept, Darbey invites her audience to evaluate and empathise with testing, universal themes.


Beautiful. I love the relationship between the body and then universe. You executed it perfectly.
I think the huge scale would be fabulous and break down the 'scare fear' factor of disease many have or at least start a pragmatic enquiry. I also like the idea of tactility and contrast with natural environment.
It's absolutely mesmerising isnt it? It just makes you want to climb inside them. Can't wait to see her future large-scale project.
This is art 'Speaking'. Naseem has covered a very importatnt subject so well.

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